Brits could book holiday to ‘quarantine-free’ country but still be BARRED from entering

BRITISH holidaymakers could book a trip to a country on the
government’s ‘quarantine-free’ list – but be barred from
entry on arrival.

Travellers from England
can fly to 73 countries and territories
including France, Italy and Spain without quarantining if they
return from July 10.

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James ChapelardTravellers heading
from Luton to Cyprus, which doesn’t allow UK travellers to
enter[/caption] British tourists joined the locals and enjoyed the beach in MagalufBritish
tourists joined the locals and enjoyed the beach in Magaluf today

But Cyprus, Japan and New Zealand are among countries on the
‘green’ list that have restrictions on permitting UK

Norway, Dominica, Finland, Hungary, Malta, Mauritius, and Monaco
also currently have restrictions on entry.

Today’s confirmation came as the government eases travel
quarantine rules, which were brought in to contain the spread of

The new rules have sparked confusion ahead of the relaxation on
travel later this month.

One holidaymaker said: “Govt travel advice news is a mess.


“These aren’t all ‘corridors’ as some ‘safe’
countries in our eyes won’t let us in. “

Another posted: “The famous ‘air bridges’ are actually
just a list of countries that upon return to England you won’t
have to isolate for 14 days.

“There’s nothing saying these countries will actually let
you in.”

And a third tweeted: “Under the “air corridor” rules
you’re now allowed to fly to Japan for your holidays. Fab.

“There’s just one teeny tiny problem with that. Japan
won’t let you in.”

Some banded the travel advice ‘a
mess’TwitterTravellers have found holes
in the government’s plans[/caption]

To make matters more confusing, Brits could go on holiday to a
quarantine-free country, but STILL be forced to self-isolate if the
air bridge rules change for that country while they’re

Today’s confirmation has been long-awaited by Brits desperate
to go on holiday, but the list is not written in stone.

The guidance says: “We will keep the conditions in these
countries and territories under review.

“If they worsen we will not hesitate to reintroduce
self-isolation requirements.

“Travellers should always check the latest FCO travel

Countries exempt from quarantine when arriving in UK – and
whether you’ll have to self-isolate when you arrive

Andorra – not allowed in

Antigua and Barbuda – Non-nationals with
certain travel history will be refused entry

Aruba – no quarantine

Australia – 14 day quarantine

Austria – 14 day quarantine unless you test

Bahamas – must prove negative test or denied

Barbados – quarantine while awaiting
mandatory test result

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba – border

Belgium – no quarantine

Croatia – no quarantine

Curaçao – not allowed in

Cyprus – not allowed to enter if been in the
UK in last fortnight

Czech Republic – no quarantine

Denmark – no quarantine

Dominica – not allowed in

Faroe Islands – tested on entry

Fiji – not allowed in

Finland– not allowed in

France – voluntary 14 day quarantine

French Polynesia – 14 day quarantine

Germany – no quarantine

Greece – 14 day quarantine

Hong Kong – could be forced to quarantine

Hungary – not allowed in

Italy – no quarantine

Japan – not allowed in

Lithuania – 14 day quarantine

Luxembourg – not allowed in

Macau – not allowed in

Malta – not allowed in

Mauritius – not allowed in

Monaco – not allowed in

Netherlands – not allowed in

New Zealand – not allowed in

Norway – not allowed in

Poland – no quarantine

Spain – no quarantine

Switzerland – not allowed in

Taiwan – 14 day quarantine

Turkey – tested on arrival

Vatican city – no quarantine

Vietnam – 14 day quarantine minimum

This means you could leave the UK to travel to Spain – that is
on the quarantine-free list – but while you’re visiting it sees
a spike in case and gets struck off the list.

You will then have to self-isolate when you returned, regardless
of the fact it was on the list when you left the UK.

Furthermore, there are some countries that are still banning
people from the UK – such as Fiji and Cyprus – that are on
Britain’s quarantine-free list.

This makes it incredibly important to check before booking that
you will be able to get into the country, if you are allowed to
take out travel insurance and if there is a refund policy.

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A number of destinations favoured by Brits have beenleft off
the quarantine-free air bridge list today.

The popular hotspots that don’t feature include
Portugal, Morocco and Egypt.

Brits also can’t holiday in the US, Mexico, Thailand or Sweden
without quarantining when they return home.

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Brits could book holiday to ‘quarantine-free’ country but
still be BARRED from entering