A private jet firm is calling its planes 'COVID Cleared' to court wealthy travelers worried flying during the pandemic

Private jet COVID-19

  • Private jet firm Silver Air is preparing for private aviation’s
    rebound by creating a new product to help provide peace of mind to
    wealthy travelers.
  • The program, “COVID-19 Cleared,” seeks to clean and sterilize
    every touchpoint in a journey to prevent potential contact with a
  • Each passenger and member of the flight crew also receives a
    virtual health screening to deem them fit to fly. 
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Nearly every industry has been forced to react to the new
realities of a pandemic-stricken world and among those eager to
prove themselves as the world begins to re-open is the aviation

While airlines are pessimistic about how quickly commercial
travelers will return to the skies, the
private aviation sector is gearing up for a new wave of customers
as the wealthy trade in their first class seats for a private
. Most industry CEOs are hopeful that the current situation
will encourage those with the means to do so to fly private more
frequently than they did before.

One private jet firm, Silver Air, is already preparing for the
day when travel rebounds and has evolved his business accordingly,
offering a new product catered to those seeking additional peace of
mind when flying private. The 25-jet-strong firm, which also
Tony Robbins’ private Boeing 737
, was one of the many that saw
flying drop off in March during the height of the pandemic. 

Silver’s CEO, Jason Middleton, developed the new offering,
called “COVID-19 Cleared.” Aligning the efforts of the company and
vendors, the program seeks to ensure all touchpoints along the
journey are safe and eliminate any concern about interacting with
the virus while flying. 

Take a look at how Silver Air is working to offer its clients a
coronavirus-free experience. 

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The COVID Cleared process involves creating a safe door-to-door
environment for passengers and that includes a full interior
cleaning of both the aircraft and any ground transportation

Silver Air created cleaning checklists for its detailers to
ensure that every possible touchpoint on the aircraft and in ground
transportation vehicles has been cleared of any pathogens. Seven
pages in total, the checklists providence guidance on which
cleaning solutions are to be used and what equipment the cleaners
themselves need to wear. 

The ground transportation aspect is usually an afterthought,
especially with technology like Uber replacing traditional taxis
and limos, but is still vital to the health and safety of

Although private travel is already a controlled experience, the
program expands the scope to include ground transportation vehicles
to ensure that no aspect of the journey involves potentially
infectious touchpoints. Any exposure to the coronavirus could not
only impact a passenger’s health but also the health of the crew
and any other person that comes into contact with the aircraft.

While on the ground, all pilots, cabin crew, passengers, and even
drivers are required to wear personal protective equipment.

A requirement for participation in the program is that
passengers wear protective equipment when in the vicinity of flight
and ground crew. Wearing the gear helps further ensure a safe
journey to and from the aircraft, and protects the passengers and
crew should they come into contact with an asymptotic person that
could have the virus and not know it. 

Once the cleaning processes are complete, seals are put on each
vehicle and aircraft that are only broken once passengers arrive.

The seal ensures that no unauthorized person has entered the
aircraft or ground transportation vehicle since the time of its
cleaning. Only once the aircraft has been cleaned and sterilized,
and the checklists have been signed and approved by a detailing
manager, can they be sealed off until passenger arrival. 

Before passengers board the aircraft, a virtual health screening is
performed for each person on the aircraft.

Flight crew, passengers, and ground transportation drivers also
receive virtual medical screenings before boarding where they are
asked about having potential COVID-19 symptoms. Only those who have
been approved by the medical professionals can then board the

“We really felt it’s very important for us to get very granular and
create next-level best practices in terms of health and safety,”
Middleton told Business Insider in an interview. “The health side
of this is always a concern but it has never been as acute as it is

Silver Air has been working in conjunction with Wyvern, a safety
auditor for the private aviation industry, to create best practices
and share them with the industry. As Middleton explained, private
aviation doesn’t only support the wealthy as the industry creates
thousands of blue-collar jobs that help keep it going. 

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A private jet firm is calling its planes 'COVID Cleared' to
court wealthy travelers worried flying during the pandemic